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Phishing Detect

Mobile Check In

Checkin right away at your fingertips.

Smart Scan

Unlock Your Room with Ease

Get in with your cell phone.

Best Stay Experience

Cell Vkey app is not only for keyless entry
but also to provide travelers the supreme service quality.

Travelers can get support immediatly with Cell Vkey app from navigation guide to hotel call service on the go.

No waiting anymore.Travelers can use their phones to unlock the door and make their own passcards right away.

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Easy Check In

A simple and rapid deployment system
Travelers can make their physical keycards with Easy Check in system when the access granted.

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Safe and reliable

Tap and Go

We use NFC read&write function on our service pretty well. Travelers can use CellVkey app to tap NFC tag in their rooms or hotel lobby for more local attractive information.

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Safe and reliable

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