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CellBedell have various solutions on different occasions such as hospitality and property management. Cellbedell access control system is a effortless way to manage your place from office, school, meeting room, and the hotel as well as any properties.。

CellBedell System

Cellbedell system is to manage the access from remote check-in to seamless get in the room.

Managers can grant access (BLE key/pin code)either via PC or APP as well as withdraw the ekeys from the guests.

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free Template by ProBootstrap.com

Ultralight visitor management system

After receiving the administrator's key, the visitor uses the QR Code to scan the code on the front of the tablet to identify the identity, and sends the card directly through the lightest card issuing machine.

CellVKey helps guests bypass the front desk and enjoy remote check-in and seamless get-in experience with the Bluetooth technology. They can also make their passcards through kiosk with NFC technology.

Virtual key/Card making / Virtual QR code ticket

Just use CellVKey to unlock and get in.

CellVKey app can turn in to virtual ticket to make guests passcards by themselves with BLE or NFC technology.

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free Template by ProBootstrap.com

Apple watch APP

Visitors can use their Apple watch to get in

while sync-up and they don't need to bring the phone aside.

For Commercial

The cellphone is a mobile management device which can issue pin codes and key cards for users. Easy and convenient. The managers also can group the properties together by using one keycard to unlock and manage the designated rooms.

For co-working spaces

Cellbedell System combined various encryption technology, so one of best feature is no Internet required.

For Hotel

Cellbedell can be a simple and flexible front desk system that can issue the card and pind code by the guests themselves.

Conference Room

For a meeting event, the attendee just have to enter the designated pin code and get in with time duration limited.

Sign up for event

With cellbedeall QR code ticket, people just flash their virtual cards and finish their check-in right away.

Access control system

Time-stamp and schedule funtion is for specific time perioid for meeting or events such as the conference room or office main entrance.

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